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Below is a brief explanation of each of the services that Career Development Company provides.  If there is a service that you would
like to explore but it isn't outlined below, please contact us at (419) 222-9877 or to discuss your
individual needs.  Please find a full explanation of services and current fee schedule at the bottom of the page.
Job Development

The job development process is tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of individual consumers.  Some consumers will of course require more assistance in the design and implementation of their job search than will others, depending upon their particular disability, educational background and work history.  Career Development Company’s job developers seek to establish a “partnership” with each consumer at the very beginning of the process.  This sense of partnership helps to promote a mutual commitment to the task, and a level of job search support appropriate to that consumer’s unique needs, interests, skills, abilities and expectations.

Vocational Assessments

Career Development Company utilizes a range of key evaluative instruments to measure and assess consumer job interests, current work readiness, specific vocational competencies, functional academics, cognitive abilities, and relevant attitudes and behaviors.  Research in the field of vocational and career planning shows that specific combinations of inventories – those which assess aptitude, interests and work values – are especially important to effective vocational and career planning, and are recommended accordingly.

Pre-Vocational Counseling

Career Development Company offers individualized Pre-Vocational Consultation services to referring counselors for those unique situations where, because of insufficient consumer, career or job market information, the development of a formal IWRP is hindered.  When a Pre-Vocational Consultation is requested, appropriate Company staff research the relevant issues; interview consumers, employers, educators, health care professionals and/or other sources as appropriate; and submit to the referring counselor a report detailing their conclusions and recommendations.  This information can subsequently help the consumer to complete a more effective IWRP – or provide the basis for determining that a change of consumer status in the rehabilitation process is otherwise warranted.

Job Coaching

The Job Coach works with the consumer at the job site for the period of time authorized.  This typically includes an informational meeting involving the consumer, the job coach, the job developer and the employer.  Throughout the job coaching assignment, the consumer is challenged to accept as much job responsibility as possible, as quickly as possible (but always consistent with his or her specific capabilities and limitations).  The intent is to help the consumer develop, as soon as practicable, that unique sense of personal independence and self-confidence that is derived from meaningful, productive work... successfully accomplished and appropriately rewarded.

Job Preparation/Job Search Skills Training (JSST)

A job worth finding, getting and keeping requires that the job seeker (1) possess the skills required for the desired work, (2) have a good understanding of effective job search methods and techniques, and (3) is sufficiently prepared for the demands and dynamics of the interview process.  The staff of Career Development Company is committed to helping each consumer attain a level of capability in these areas sufficient to promote individual job search readiness and employability.  
Community Based Assessment

A Community-Based Assessment (CBA) can be arranged when there is a need to determine “up-front” (i.e., pre-IWRP) if a consumer possesses the fundamental capabilities necessary to the performance of job tasks in a particular field of employment.

Clerical Assessment

Career Development Company offers a Clerical Assessment to evaluate a consumer’s clerical skills and aptitude in an office environment in order to determine current levels of performance, and identify areas where additional classroom and/or on-the-job training might be advisable to help the consumer acquire/improve skills where some deficiency now exists.

Work Adjustment Training

Occasionally a consumer may experience continuing difficulties on-the-job for reasons relating to deficits in his or her educational, social and/or daily living skills.  Career Development Company offers customized “Work Adjustment Training” designed to help the consumer (1) identify specific areas of concern, (2) understand why it is important that these issues be addressed, and (3) promote – through intensive one-on-one guidance, counseling and instruction – appropriate behavioral changes.  

Job Shadowing

Job Shadowing services are provided in those situations where a consumer is uncertain about the kind of work he or she wants to do, or if concerns exist about the consumer’s ability to perform specific tasks associated with a particular job.  In these cases, they can be given an opportunity to “test” their suitability to the varying demands of one or more vocational options in a “real world” work environment.

Post-Placement Follow-Up & Intervention/Job Retention Services

When authorized by the referring agency, Career Development Company’s job developers can provide post-placement follow-up and intervention services in support of consumers considered to be “at risk” in terms of their ability to maintain long-term employment in their current jobs.  
Ohio Driver's License Exam Assistance

Sometimes the single most critical factor affecting a consumer’s ability and desire to seek or accept available employment is lack of a valid Ohio driver’s license (assuming he or she is of legal driving age and otherwise eligible to possess one).  Absent a valid driver’s license, work sites not serviced by public transportation, and/or jobs that require selected employees to utilize company vehicles in the conduct of their work, can pose significant obstacles to employment.

Small Business Marketing Services

In those occasional situations where consumers elect to start up and operate their own small businesses, and meet all funding agency requirements applicable to such an enterprise, Career Development Company staff can assist the consumer in developing a comprehensive marketing plan designed to give focus to the start-up and thus optimize his or her chances for entrepreneurial success.

Consumer Transportation

Transportation assistance can be provided to any consumer when that need exists and when appropriate referring agency authorization has been issued in writing.  This transportation is provided by appropriate staff utilizing their personal vehicles.  

Stand Alone Resume Service

Consumers can sometimes benefit from our expertise and inside knowledge of the job market. Our professional resumes and cover letters can maximize the chance of getting an interview and job quicker.